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The Military Coworking Network is Expanding

The Military Coworking Network (MCN) is thrilled to announce a huge advancement in its mission to support military partners and spouses. Following a successful evaluation of the pilot project, the MCN  - through partners the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) - has secured substantial funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund (AFCTF). This grant marks a turning point for the MCN, enabling us to transition from a pilot phase to a permanent and expanding fixture within the military community.

The AFCTF's generous support will facilitate the opening of at least three additional Military Coworking Hubs in 2024, further extending our reach and impact. These new hubs will embody the same spirit and objectives that have driven the success of our existing locations, offering a supportive and collaborative environment tailored to the unique needs of military spouses who want to create independent professional lives alongside military life.

Since its inception, the MCN has been dedicated to providing a space where military spouses and partners can pursue professional development, foster connections, and access vital resources. The expansion of the network is a testament to the positive outcomes and feedback received from our community during the pilot phase. 

The new hubs will be strategically located in areas with a high concentration of military families and will offer state-of-the-art facilities, including high-speed internet, modern workspaces, and a range of professional development resources. They will also serve as community hubs, hosting events and workshops designed to empower and connect military partners.

"We are immensely grateful to the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund for their belief in our vision and their investment in the future of the Military Coworking Network," said Megane Bambridge, Project Manager at the MCN. Linzi Jenkinson, the MCN's Hub Development and Liaison Lead, highlights that "This funding is not just an investment in physical spaces but in the people who form a significant part of the military community. We are excited that the network is growing and are looking forward to welcoming more members into our supportive MCN family."

The MCN looks forward to inviting military partners, their families, and base stakeholders to the official opening ceremonies of the new Coworking Hubs, which will be announced shortly. These events will be an opportunity to witness first-hand the vibrant community spirit and the tangible benefits that the Military Coworking Hubs bring to military families.

About the Military Coworking Network

The Military Coworking Network is an innovative initiative designed to support military families by providing collaborative workspaces and professional development resources. Established as a pilot project, it has quickly grown into a vital support network for spouses and partners of military personnel, offering them a platform to grow, connect, and thrive. With the expansion made possible by the AFCTF funding, and working closely with RAFA, the MCN continues to break new ground in empowering military partners and spouses.

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