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Our story so far



2017 our first hub opened in Leuchars, Scotland

The hub was set up by a group of military partners who wanted somewhere they could go to work, study and learn together, rather than working in isolation from their kitchen table.

By supporting each other and working together they were more productive, learnt from each other, gained a new network of friends, and felt less socially isolated.


2019 a further five hubs opened

News of the success of the Leuchars Hub spread fast and the idea of a network of hubs was born.  The Military Coworking Network was created to bring the hubs together and provide a supportive online community.


Supported by the team from the Leuchars Hub, five new hubs were opened in Bovington, Chivenor, RAF Leeming, RMA Sandhurst and RAF Brize Norton.

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2020 the MCN was awarded an Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund grant

Supported by the Royal Air Forces Association as well as the Naval, Army and RAF Families Federations, the Military Coworking Network was awarded a grant to enable us to transform the project from a grass roots initiative to an international network.

Since then, our network continues to grow from strength to strength.

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