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Survey results


Where and how are military spouses & partners working?

The Military Coworking Network exists to bring together military spouses & partners to support each other and share advice and inspiration on how to build a rewarding career or business that thrives in our transient lifestyles.

To enable us to really understand their needs, we conducted a survey to find out where they are working, what jobs they're doing, if they are where they would like to be in their careers, and if not, what can be done about it.


We had an amazing response, with 2,200 people completing the survey, with some very passionate and emotional responses from partners all over the world working in a huge variety of roles from an undertaker, physiotherapists, health care workers to dog walkers, company directors, scientists and cleaners.

It is clear from our survey that the variety of experiences out there is vast; whilst some people have seen little or no impact on their careers, other struggle to find a job, let alone build a career.


The full report, with an analysis by Dr Elizabeth Newman, can be downloaded here, or the key findings are summarised below.

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