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Following a successful evaluation of the MCN Pilot Project, a further two year's funding has been awarded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The funding will run from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2026. At the end of this period, the project will be subject to a further independent evaluation, which will determine the longer-term future of the MCN.


This funding will be used to support the opening of further coworking hubs across the UK and drive the growth of our Online Community, providing a larger window of opportunity to demonstrate our impact with the long-term aim of seeing this fully adopted by the MoD as part of its Family Provision Offer.


Due to limited funding, we are still restricted in the number of coworking hubs we are currently able to open. However, it remains important to be able to continue to evidence demand for our hubs.

How you can support the MCN

To help us evidence genuine need and demand for the work we are doing, and enable us to open MORE HUBS there are two things you can do, and both are FREE! Firstly, join our Online Community and secondly, sign our Hub Register!

Thank you for supporting us!

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