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The MCN is a pilot project that is being funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund. Aimed at assessing the viability of our hub model and the demand for coworking hubs in the UK and overseas.  For the pilot, we identified several sites across the military community, including Akrotiri, Bovington, Bulford, Blandford, Chivenor, Clyde, Leuchars, Sandhurst and Valley.   


The pilot will end in September 2023, and there will be an ongoing evaluation of our hubs using an independent agency.  The results of this will be presented to the MOD to support discussions on the future of the MCN. If successful, we are hoping to secure longer-term funding, which will allow us to open further hubs at other military bases. 

If you can get to one of our existing hubs, you can book a free trial now

How you can support the MCN

To help us evidence genuine need and demand for the work we are doing, and enable us to open MORE HUBS there are two things you can do, and both are FREE!

Join the MCN Online Network & Sign our Hub Register.

You can also help us raise awareness of the MCN and putting up posters where you think they'll be seen by military spouses or partners.  If you think this is something you'd like to do, please contact us. We'd really appreciate your help!

Thank you for your interest and support!
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