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What is the Military Coworking Network? 

The MCN is an online community for partners of military personnel everywhere to share advice and inspiration, and create a network of contacts to help and support their careers, education, studies and businesses.


Individual hubs are connected together by a powerful, online professional network which any member, anywhere, can access and benefit from.   

What is a coworking hub? 

The coworking hubs are fully equipped office spaces on bases throughout the UK and overseas. 


They provide the facilities that you would expect in any office (a quiet workspace that isn’t the kitchen table, fast wifi, printing and a good cuppa!) but more importantly they can give you access to local professional networking opportunities for your career or business, information about employers in the local area, education opportunities and the chance to meet new people and make friends. 

Who are they for?

The hubs are primarily aimed at the partners of serving personnel, but they are also open to the adult children of serving personnel and service leavers that need a quiet space to study.

What services does a coworking hub offer? 

  • A fully equipped, comfortable office space with fast wifi,

  • Peer to peer support and encouragement and access to a wide range of information and advice including local job opportunities, how to start a business, further education and business networking, 

  • Regular email updates on what’s going on in your local base, support that's available, professional & social networking opportunities etc,

  • Social & networking events to help meet people, collaborate, share ideas and support each other, 

  • Promotion of local civilian businesses to the military community, and vice versa, to help improve local community integration. 

What does it cost? 

There are two kinds of membership: 

Online membership is free and offers you access to the network and regular email updates and information.  This is for people who don’t need to use the physical office space but still want to receive information and be part of the online network, attend events and benefit from the community support.   

Hub membership costs £20 per year and enables you to access the national network of coworkinghub spaces (local restrictions may apply on some camps if the hub) and full access to the online network. 

Why should I become a member? 

There are so many benefits, here are just some:


  • to get out of the house and “go to work”, 

  • to find friendship and networking opportunities, 

  • to go somewhere quiet to study, 

  • to avoid the distractions of being at home,

  • to increase your focus and productivity,

  • you want a collaborative, creative space to start or grow your business, surrounded by people who are doing the same thing. 

How do I join?

Joining is easy,  just visit our Join Us page and sign up today!

What facilities are in a coworking hub? 

Every hub will offer slightly different facilities but the key ones will be: 


  • 24 hour access, 7 days a week, 

  • Desk space that can be booked each week, 

  • Fast wifi,  

  • Good tea and coffee & kitchen facilities, 

  • Printing facilities* and stationery, 

  • Meeting spaces for privacy.* 


*Please check local availability  

How often can I use it?   

You can use the hub 24hrs 7 days a week if you would like, or as much or as little as you want. 

What happens if I’m posted? 

Your £20 membership gets you membership to our international network of hubs, just update your online profile to the next hub, get in touch with the team at your new hub, and carry on your membership there.   


You will be able to get up and running straight away – no stress of internet that doesn’t work or working surrounded by packing boxes for the first few weeks!  Don’t forget to join your local hub’s Facebook group so you can meet people before you arrive as well – they will be a fountain of knowledge on the local area and you will already know people when you arrive! 

There isn’t a coworking space in my garrison or station how do I set one up? 

We have many more hubs in the pipeline – please check our live map to see if your area is on there.   


If it is, then go the Military Coworking Network Page and find the local Military Coworking Hub group for the area. 


If not, and you would like to be part of the team to help us set one up, please contact us, and we will guide you through the process of setting one up

Who is behind this project? 

The whole project has been built by military partners, for military partners.   


We have grown purely by demand from partners around the world.  As we have grown the network has become a full-time job and we now have a small “Central Support Team” who run the day to day operations and expansion of the network.   


The Central Support Team continues to be manned by military partners, and we all work remotely and flexibly.  

I want to help.  How do I get involved? 

Get in touch!  We love to hear from you and we love to share the huge amount of talent that is in our community. 


If you have a hub local to you we can put you in touch with them to see how you could help and if you don’t, but you think you have a skill that we would benefit from then we would love to hear from you. 

Who runs the spaces? 

Each hub is run by a small team of enthusiastic local members who truly believe in the network and the community we are building. 


The Central Support Team take care of as much of the administration of the hubs as possible, but we still need people in the hubs to build their coworking community and establish a professional relationship with the base.   


These members are the core of our community and give a huge amount of effort, energy and time to make the hubs work well. 

I want to set up my own business, can the coworking network and hubs help?  

Yes!  First, check out our Business Support page for a great “Quick link” guide to all the services that are offered free to our Forces community.  There are lots of great courses available from groups like Heropreneurs and Supporting the Unsung Hero. 


If you have a hub local to you then first join their local Military Coworking Hub Facebook group and then get yourself to a hub.  As well as lots of remote workers, our hubs are full of people running their own businesses.  They have been through, or are going through the same journey and the great thing about coworking is that you have a friendly group of people working around you to ask questions and bounce ideas off.   

Many hubs also have great links with the Local Enterprise Partnerships which can help small businesses with practical support and integration with the local community. 

I want to get more qualifications, how can my local hub help? 

First, check out our Career Support page for a great “Quick link” guide to all the services that are offered free to our Forces community.  Companies like Lifeworks offer great courses designed to reveal exactly what it is you want to do. 


Every hub is at a different stage but our long term aim is that every hub will have an established relationship with local colleges and Universities. 


Once you are enrolled on a course the hub can provide a quiet, clear space to study from that you can have access to 24/7. 

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