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MCN Coworking Hubs - Boosting Productivity

Updated: 17 hours ago

Productivity is a top priority for business, whether you run your own company or are employed by someone else. So, having somewhere to work from that boosts your productivity is important, and coworking spaces can play a significant role in doing just that.

But before we look at how coworking enhances productivity, let’s take a quick look at the top factors that can affect it.

Home distractions

Whether it’s the kids shouting in the background, doorbells ringing, washing machines spinning, or dogs barking, noise is a key distracting factor. Concentration levels are affected, workflow and thought processes are interrupted, and lots of time is subsequently wasted on finding your mojo and focus again.

Internet issues

Unreliable internet is a real bug bearer for many home workers and can significantly hinder productivity. Losing a VPN connection and not being able to upload or download files, or access your company’s SharePoint, experiencing freezing during video calls, or being thrown out entirely can be frustrating and stressful in equal measure. Oftentimes, work simply grinds to a halt until your internet connection stabilises again, and then, of course, the awkward task of filling those knowledge gaps you missed absorbs further time.

Inconsistent working environments

If you don’t have a dedicated office space in your home, you may find yourself ‘island hopping’ from your kitchen table to your bedroom, and back. Each day you have to set yourself up again somewhere new, which costs critical time and effort. You can’t simply leave your workstation intact at the end of the day and walk away.

Loneliness and isolation

People need people to thrive and grow. We are social beings, and we nourish our souls through human contact. So, when you find yourself on your own from morning to eve with no one to talk to except in an unreliable, virtual environment, it affects your well-being. Feeling lonely and isolated directly impacts our happiness and our state of mind affects our productivity.

Coworking hubs are physical spaces designed for productivity

Increasingly, individuals are looking for a space where they can balance productivity and wellbeing. They need more than just a desk and a chair.

They need a reliable setup that offers all the facilities they will need throughout the day. And it needs to be affordable.

They need opportunities for networking and collaboration but also quiet zones, where they can think and chillax, either on their own or with others.

They need a quiet environment that supports focussed working and guarantees privacy.

And they’re looking for flexibility so they can balance home and work needs effectively without any stress.

The MCN Hub Network

The MCN operates a network of coworking hubs across the UK and abroad on a not-for-profit basis, with an annual subscription of just £30/year. Predominantly located ‘behind the wire’ on military bases, the hubs are for use by the military spouses and partners of serving personnel.

As part of our 2023 Evaluation, we asked our hub members what impact the hubs had on their productivity, and the results are as follows:

  • 97% of hub users reported fewer distractions in the hubs compared to home, enabling them to be more productive and use their time more efficiently.

  • 91% found the hubs stimulating and reported an increase in productivity as a result.

  • 88% reported more structure in their work with 78% recording improved working habits, often learned by osmosis, so by watching and observing others, and assimilating their skills and knowledge unconsciously.

  • 87% felt more motivated working in the hub, explaining that being around others and picking up their good habits, inspired them to work harder and use their time more efficiently.

  • 44% reported benefitting from opportunities to learn new things, supporting their personal growth with new skills and knowledge that enabled increased productivity.

  • 34% stated better and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity than in Service Family Accommodation (SFA).


Having access to a professional coworking space has had a significant impact on boosting our members’ productivity across the board, and featured prominently in the interviews conducted, as an important benefit of coworking.

Being more productive means working more effectively and time-efficiently. More time saved means more time to invest in other parts of your life, as well as more time to achieve personal goals and professional success.

It also reduces the risk of stress or burnout and contributes to a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment resulting in a more balanced and fulfilling life. And ultimately, this positively affects our wellbeing and quality of life.

A win-win all round!

What are your experiences with coworking? We’d love to hear.


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