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Career Support


Support is out there, but what is right for you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of support out there for Military partners? 

You’d like some help finding a new job, building a new career, or working out what you really want to do, but you don’t really know who to turn to? 

Here’s our “quick link” guide to Forces supporter providers, all of which are free to the military community! 

If you are looking for similar help for your business, take a look at our Business Support page.

So, which statement best describes your current situation?  Click on the link to see what support is out there for you, or take a look at the whole selection by scrolling down.

I just want a job, ideally with someone who understands the military community.

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Check out Forces Families Jobs – all their jobs come from employers who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, so you know that they understand the military environment and have made certain levels of commitment to support the Armed Forces.


You can even see if a potential employer has signed up to the Bronze/Silver/Gold covenant scheme. 

Recruit for Spouses are a recruitment agency, and so much more, that have roles from employers who champion the military community.


Their Career Academy aids military partners to prepare for their journey back into work by providing tools such as coaching and mentoring, CV workshops and interview techniques.  


I’ve never really had a career, I’m ready now, but I don’t really know where to start.


Lifeworks is now open to military families (partners and adult children). 


They will help you identify your strengths as well as potential career or training opportunities.  Help you with CV writing and job searching, and show you how to manage the impact of a change in situation, increasing your confidence and motivation. 

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RFEA - The Forces Employment Charity run a programme aimed specifically at the families of serving (and ex-serving) personnel.


They offer one to one guidance, help with your CV and job applications, training on interview techniques and coaching through the whole process.  

Career help

I think I want a career change, but I'm not really sure where to start.

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Recruit for Spouses Coaching Programme

Recruit for Spouses will pair you with a coach hand picked for you.  Together you will look at the performance and development of certain skills, ensuring you can take you next steps in your professional life with confidence and clarity. 

My career is not moving as fast as I want it to, and I’d like some help getting it going again.


Recruit for Spouses Mentoring Programme          

The Recruit for Spouses mentoring programme is focussed on your development over a longer period of time to that of the coaching programme.  They will pair you with someone hand picked from your industry that will help you to navigate the way to the career you want.

We would also recommend looking at the CTP Partner Career Support Programme and Lifeworks, both listed above.

Career change
Career movement

I want to retrain as a social media manager so that I can work remotely and flexibly. 


The BFBS Academy run a free 12-week online course for partners, #smspouses, aimed at training the potential social media managers of the future.  Social media skills will always be in demand, and it is the ideal remote working career that can be taken anywhere in the world. 


BFBS also run a paid version of this course, The Digital Cult, which funds BFBS being able to make it free for partners, so if you know any non military friends that would be interested please help them spread the word as it will mean more free places for us! 


If you can’t wait for a space on their free course, military families also receive a 25% discount on the paid course, The Digital Cult​.  

I can’t really put a finger on what is wrong, but I don’t feel confident enough to apply for a job or push for a promotion at work.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed by life. 

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The Warrior Programme is another one that was started for serving personnel and has now had funding to open it up to partners as it has been so successful and had such great outcomes.  


In their words “our programme enables individuals to manage their emotions and to develop the resilience, focus and motivation to succeed in today's world”. 

The course is perfect for partners of any age who want to learn techniques and strategies for getting the most out of life, and feeling more on top of it all. 

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