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MCN Coworking Hubs – the Statistical Business Case to Join

Updated: 4 days ago

Have you ever considered the difference a coworking hub could make to your career or business? The effect it could have on your wellbeing, or happiness?

Have you ever ‘ummed and ahhed’ about whether you should join us as a hub member, finding yourself sat on the fence, unable to decide?

Even though the subscription fee might be insignificant – and here at the Military Coworking Network (MCN) it is incredibly low at just £30/year and arguably a no-brainer - and yet something is still holding you back and preventing you from making that commitment.

Value versus Cost

We know that it is the perceived value that influences our decision-making and not so much the direct cost. It’s our evaluation of a product or service’s merit or desirability and what we believe it’s worth to us.  And it’s this perception that influences our willingness to pay for it, no matter how high or indeed high low that cost is.

Things like…

Does it align with our personal values? How does it fit with our priorities? Does it meet our needs? Does it save us time, effort, or money? Is it accessible? Is its location convenient? Will it add meaning to our lives and make a positive difference?

All these considerations come into play when it comes to our purchasing decision.

So, to help you with your decision, we’d like to share some of the high-level results of our 2023 Evaluation Report that asked all our hub members, past and current, some key questions about the value of the hubs to them across multiple aspects of their lives.

Here’s what they said:


  • 77% felt the hubs had enabled them to have a successful career alongside military life.

  • 61% said the hubs had had a positive effect on their careers.

  • 50% reported an increase in job satisfaction.

  • 26% were able to keep their jobs because they now had access to a professional workspace.

  • 16% even received job offers through new contacts and networking.


  • 50% said they had gained more business opportunities through the hubs.

  • 48% had saved money by using the hub, reducing their business overheads.

  • 47% reported more confidence in their professional business skills.

  • 15% reported more business sales due to networking and upskilling.

Productivity & Output

  • 97% reported fewer distractions, enabling them to be more productive and manage their time more efficiently.

  • 91% said working in a hub had boosted their productivity.

  • 91% found the hubs stimulating.

  • 87% felt more motivated working with others.

  • 88% reported more structure in their work.

  • 78% recording improved working habits, often learned by working with and observing others.

Work-life Balance

  • 91% reported a better work-life balance.

  • 77% felt they could have a career and be a military spouse at the same time.

  • 69% said the hubs had enabled them to achieve separation from work and home life.

  • 63% of hub users reported that the coworking hubs had had a positive effect on their families.

  • 50% felt they were more in control of their choices.


  • 60% of hub users confirmed that the hub had helped their mental wellbeing.

  • 60% felt less lonely and isolated. Working with others and being able to socialise during and after work hours, made them feel part of a community and more connected to military life.

  • 50% reported a boost to their confidence.

  • 47% felt their social skills had improved and they now found it easier to talk to others.

  • 45% felt the hub had contributed to their financial independence.

Networking & Community

  • 73% stated that they had more opportunities to meet new people.

  • 72% said they had got help through the hubs.

  • 68% reported the hubs had enabled them to have a life outside of the military.

  • 60% made new friends and improved their social lives on base.

  • 59% said they had been able to grow their professional network through the hubs.

Concluding Remarks

I think you’ll agree that the results are pretty impressive and provide good food for thought. I hope that sharing this with you has enabled you to reach a decision and inspired you to join the MCN Hub Network.

Because if you’re based at Blandford, Bovington, Bulford, HMB Clyde, Leuchars, RMA Sandhurst, or RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, there’s one waiting for you with your name written all over it.

There are even two more – RAF Valley and HMB Chivenor – which were formerly owned by the MCN but have now transferred back to the relevant bases for local management, but are still very much accessible to military spouses and partners on those bases.

And there's more on the way - Next Stop Hereford

How about a FREE trial or tour?

And if you’re still not quite sure, why not book a tour or a free trial and ask the members yourself?

Alternatively, you could speak to Linzi who is our Hub Liaison Lead. Just drop her a line at with your name and number and she’ll get back to you.


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