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Show your Support – Sign our Hub Register

We are often asked the questions, “will you be opening any more hubs?” or “will there soon be a hub near me?”, and we’d love to be able to answer “yes” to both.

But the truth is, we are restricted to the number of coworking hubs we can open at the moment – this is a pilot project and we only have limited funding available.

That being said, we have managed to open 8 coworking hubs so far, which is no mean feat!

Realistically, the maximum we could open would be 12, but if we are honest, and we owe that much to you, we’re probably looking at two additional hubs at most – after all, we are already into our final year of a 3-year funded pilot project, and time is fast running out.

We appreciate that will be a frustrating revelation for many of you, but instead of frustration, see it as a challenge, one we can rise to together, because “together we stand, divided we fall.”

From March 2022, the MOD will be putting our successes and failures under the microscope, and carefully analysing the data we submit in order to make an informed, but final decision about the future of the Military Coworking Network and our coworking hubs.

What will they be looking at?

  • The number of members we have in our online network.

  • The number of military spouses and partners who are actively using our coworking hubs – that’s why you need to use our online booking system. 😊

  • The viability of our hub and membership model, and if it stays, how it should look.

  • The value-add of our online community.

  • Your feedback on the difference the MCN has made to you personally, and how this has impacted your family life, including your partner – the MOD is especially interested in how happy spouses can support military retention.

But they will also be interested in the real demand for more coworking hubs, in the UK and overseas.

What you can do to help us

  1. Encourage all military spouses in your network to join our Online Network Community – it’s free and we are currently working hard in the background to make sure it adds value to you.

  2. Sign our Hub Register so that we can evidence the demand for more coworking hubs.

Your MCN Needs YOU!



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