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Military Coworking Network update – March 2021

Here at the MCN we have been making some difficult decisions recently and we wanted to share them with you. It is with much disappointment that we let you know that we will not be opening any of our UK coworking hubs until at least the Autumn of 2021.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has meant that our coworking hubs have been open then closed, some re-opened, and all of them are currently closed, so our members have not had the opportunity to make sustained use of them without interruption.

The unique selling point of the Military Coworking Network is our coworking spaces and unfortunately, at the moment we cannot open our hubs and have our members using them. We are very much hoping that come August in Scotland, and September in England (COVID-19 allowing), we will be able to open our hubs to all our members when they will be feeling confident and happy to use a coworking space. A space where members will be able to network, meet new friends, study, learn, work and attend events – all in person!

We understand that this is disappointing news for many of you however, we want you to experience all of the benefits of using a coworking hub - coworking is so much more than just having a desk to work from and we want to provide you with the best experience possible. Therefore, we will be working behind the scenes to refurbish the hubs and make them inviting, inspiring and comfortable spaces to work, study and learn in. We will have an online membership payment and desk booking systems ready for you to use once we are open and a whole host of events and activities for you to attend.

Please keep an eye out on this website and our Facebook community group for updates, if you would like to reserve a space on a tour of your local hub please email us on and we look forward to welcoming you all to your local coworking hub in the Autumn.


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