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Introducing our New Membership Model

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Back in February 2021, we asked you your opinions on a few things related to hub membership; how you would like to pay for your refreshments, how you would like to pay for printing and what sort of networking events you would like to have in your hub, to name just a few.

The results were conclusive - you wanted refreshments included in your membership fees, you offered to pay for printing in the hub at a set cost per sheet, and you asked for some social events.

Charging everyone a flat rate just didn’t seem fair. We felt it was only right to introduce a new membership model that reflects the fact that some people use the hub more than others. The result – a three-tiered Hub Membership. Now you can choose from Gold, Silver, and Bronze Membership, which gives you a greater level of flexibility and allows you to choose the right level for you based on your ‘hotdesking’ needs.

How does the subscription work?

Subscriptions are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, which means you need to renew your subscription annually to continue using your hub. When you join, you will be given a membership card, which you will need to show along with some picture ID, each time you want to access your hub.

What happens if I get posted?

Becoming a Hub Member entitles you to use any hub across the UK or Overseas. In essence, you are joining our Global Hub Network, so your hub membership simply moves with you. Of course, if your partner gets posted to a base where there is currently no hub, we will of course refund you pro rata. That means there is no financial risk to you at all.

What’s included in my membership?

Everyone gets:

  • Hotdesking facilities – how much will depend on your membership level

  • Secure WIFI

  • Printer Access

  • Online Booking

  • Unlimited Tea & Coffee

Some hubs are equipped with a few more facilities, but you can check out what’s available at each hub on our Hub Page. You’ll also find some lovely pictures to give you a flavour of what awaits you when you become a Hub Member.

What do you get for a Gold Membership?

This is our premium level of membership.

For just £120/year you are essentially buying the option to 600 x 3-hour slots / year, which is equivalent to ca. 150 hours / month, or a typical full-time job. * You also get advanced priority booking for any Military Coworking Network events that are run exclusively for members.

This membership level is aimed at those Hub Members who need a full-time office space, either to work or study from. But remember, this is a hotdesking facility, so please don’t set up your desk permanently – we need our hubs to remain a flexible coworking space for all our members.

What do you get for a Silver Membership?

Silver Membership is available for £60/year and buys you the option to book a total of 300 x 3-hour hotdesking slots over the course of a year, which is equivalent to ca. 75 hours / month. * You also benefit from priority booking for any Military Coworking Network events that are run exclusively for members.

This is perfect for someone who works part-time or who is looking for a mixture of home and office working.

What do you get for a Bronze Membership?

For just £20/year you get the option to book a total of 120 three-hour hotdesking slots over the course of a year, which is equivalent to ca. 30 hours / month. *

This is the perfect membership for someone who just needs occasional access to a quiet place to work or study.

*Subject to availability; desks are allocated on a ‘first come; first served’ basis.

How to become a Hub Member

If you are already a member of our FREE Online Network, you can log into your account and join the hub of your choice directly from here. Alternatively, you can choose to join the Hub Network first and you will automatically be made a member of the Online Network.

What is the Online Network?

This is a Members Only area and it’s free to join. It's essentially an online community for military spouses and partners of serving personnel.

By becoming a Member of our FREE Online Network, you get access to a wide range of resources that will help you build or advance your career and give you a chance to connect with like-minded people around the world, just virtually.

What’s on offer?

  • Access to training courses for those looking to develop new skills, with exclusive discounts for members of the Military Coworking Network or Military Community

  • Power Hours (webinars) on key topics aimed at helping you create your own life alongside the military life (also available as recordings if you happen to miss the live event)

  • Network Natters – a chance to grab a coffee, sink into a sofa and connect with other people

  • Option to advertise your own business for free to the whole of the Network on our Business Directory, increase your exposure to new customers and grow your business.

  • Signposting to a wide range of organisations and associations who can help you with your career development or help you set up or grow your business

  • We also encourage skill sharing and have a place where our members can volunteer to share their skills to support the development of others.

And if you are looking for more opportunities to connect with like-minded people around the world, then why not join our Facebook Group or become a member of our Member’s Only Facebook Group. Just click on the Facebook icon on the home page, and we’ll see you on the other side.


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