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From Military Spouse to Freelancer: Why Freelancing Works for Military Families

Did you know there are now over 1.9 MILLION freelancers in the UK? 15% of those are freelance working mums [ipse].

There is a wide range of benefits of working for yourself and being a parent. The flexibility it gives you to work around your family is a huge one!

Add into that the challenges of being a military wife/spouse/partner - where you could potentially move every two years - freelancing can be an oasis of less stress, flexibility and more independence.

Read on to see how one military wife built her own freelancing business and is now on a mission to show others how to do the same.

How it All Started

The start of Cath’s journey into freelancing can be described as a serendipitous encounter. It took moving 1000s of miles across Europe to meet someone who could show her the ropes.

Whilst her husband was deployed in the Czech Republic, Cath would meet up for coffee and cake with the other military wives; to get to know each other and share the experience of living in another country.

The topic of freelancing and the benefits of what it can bring would often come up. One close friend started showing Cath how she built her own copywriting business - Cath began ghostwriting for her.

As Cath’s experience, enthusiasm and curiosity grew about building a freelance business herself, she decided to go it alone in the big wide world.

The Global Office

Being able to freelance as a military wife is the perfect solution to the ever-changing military lifestyle.

Work from home. Work from an overseas deployment. Work on a ‘workaction’. Work while travelling. Work in a cafe. Or even the car!

These are all instances Cath found herself being able to achieve. She would often be found in a cafe in the Czech Republic, watching the world go by whilst also getting some work done. All before jumping back in the car to collect the kids from school. Being able to pick up your laptop, travel anywhere, and still earn an income - it’s a great feeling!

The Birth of the Podcast

Both Cath and her friend (Lauren) wanted to share how working from anywhere would benefit others; especially anyone involved in the military lifestyle.

“Let’s make a podcast to help others become freelancers”

That’s exactly how the idea of creating a podcast came about. It went from there. Cath and Lauren planned the topics of conversation and the elements of what you would need to become a freelancer. Popped over to each other’s houses and started chatting.

That’s pretty much it.

You can hear it in their voices. They are simply having a chat about how they started their freelancing careers, why they started it, and how it works around their family’s commitments.

The unpredictability of military schedules meant that both Cath and Lauren were always there for the school runs. They were keeping up with the running of a house. Being a mum. Being a wife. Being a friend. A host. A daughter.

All whilst building their own identity and brand with their freelancing careers.

Yes, there may be challenging times juggling everything. But the beauty of freelancing is that you are in control. There is no need to ask for permission.

Planning the Freelancer's Guide

No one teaches you how to become a freelancer - or even that freelancing is an option!

How do you even become a freelancer? Do you need a website? A business name? What about branding?

Having to make her freelancing career work from abroad, Cath has not only built the lifestyle needed for her family, but is also mentoring others in how to do the same.

Are you thinking about how life as a freelancer can work for you and your family?

If you are interested in knowing more, why not check out Cath & Lauren’s podcast on Spotify - Summit & Stream?

Or, for even more support and guidance about how to build a successful freelancing business, visit the website to join the mailing list for upcoming events, training and networking.

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