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First ever overseas Coworking Hub opens at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The beginning of July saw the doors open at our first ever overseas Military Coworking Hub at the Royal Air Force base, Akrotiri in Cyprus, marking an important step in the expansion of our global Network.

Maria Lyle, Director of RAF Families Federation said: “I am absolutely delighted to see the opening of the Military Coworking Hub at Akrotiri. There has been a really active group of volunteers working hard to support this for some time, and this Hub will provide them – and those arriving in Cyprus – the opportunity to work, network and study in a professional environment.”

“I would like to thank the Annington Trust, who provided some of the funding for the equipment, and RAFA who have channelled the Covenant Trust Fund support to the Military Coworking initiative. Lastly, it is worth highlighting that this is very much a tri-service effort, involving the support of the both the Naval and Army Families Federation to our work.”

Coworking Hubs are for use by the non-serving members of the Armed Forces Community. They offer non-military partners a place where they go to work or study and enable them to build, sustain and advance their professional careers alongside military life, whilst still supporting their serving partners or spouses. They are also a good place to network and meet new people, and thereby a key instrument in tackling issues commonly faced by our non-military partners. Being surrounded by other working professionals, regardless of whether you work with them, impacts motivation, and creates a sense of community, both of which can boost productivity by combating feelings of isolation.

Hub volunteer, Delyth Moylan said: “The hub is a gateway into a completely inclusive community. We want to stamp out the feeling of isolation and for our members to feel they can always come to the hub for support. We couldn’t be more delighted with the response from our members.”

About the Akrotiri Hub

The Akrotiri hub provides a stylish and contemporary coworking space, located on base at RAF Akrotiri. It includes eight hot desks, which can be booked out using our online booking service, powerful Wi-Fi, printing facilities, air conditioning, a break-out area where you can chillout and network, as well as refreshments on tap.

Station commander of RAF Akrotiri, Gp Capt Nikki Thomas said: “The RAF Akrotiri Coworking hub is a superb facility. Offering an excellent place to work, it will help create a network of like-minded people across the Akrotiri community and will hopefully provide a sanctuary for all those whose only option has previously been to work from home.”

“The particular challenge partners, spouses and children of serving personnel often face is the need to leave jobs, uproot their families and find new employment every six months to three years. Many companies are looking to embrace remote and hybrid working post-pandemic, therefore opening up more ideal roles for military spouses and partners. The hubs give members the facilities and confidence to take up and keep remote roles, allowing them to build a