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Welcome Webinars


Every month we host a Welcome webinar to say hello to all of our new members. Join us to find out more about how the network runs, how it can help you, and of course meet other MCN members. 

We have had some great success stories from these webinars, from neighbours meeting each other for the first time despite living in the next street for a year, to someone looking for work in a very niche sector connecting with another member who was looking for employees in that very same sector!


Welcome Webinar


“I'm so glad I came to the welcome webinar. Lots of helpful information in regards to how it all works and getting to personally meet the people involved. If you have been thinking about joining one, then I'd definitely recommend”


“I feel like I've found my tribe”


“I only considered taking a job working from home full time because I had heard about the Military Coworking Network and love the idea of working from a hub”

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