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Workplace Wellbeing Awards Night 2023

It was a huge honour to have been shortlisted for the ‘Best Support for Remote Workers’ award’, at the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Series Awards and although we didn’t win the award last night we couldn’t be prouder of what the MCN Pilot Project has achieved over the last few years.

This amazing initiative was brought to life because a small group of people saw a way they could make a difference in their community.

Founded by military spouse and business owner Sarah Stone, the MCN vision has always been to empower military partners to manage their careers alongside the turbulent life of their serving partners. To help us feel like a larger piece of the puzzle and have a space dedicated to our professional wellbeing.

She and friends and supporters in Leuchars were the catalyst for creating a growing online community and physical coworking spaces that are there to facilitate military partners’ careers and help us to support one another.

We’re a listening ear, a desk space outside of the magnolia walls and importantly, likeminded people coming together to build a network they can rely on.

Thanks so much to Coworking Hub members Anna Harrison, Julia Barr, and Camille Dupont for joining MCN Delivery Team members Megane Scott at the events ceremony.

Thank you so so much to all our members and ambassadors- this couldn’t happen without you.



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