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Who has helped you survive COVID and how are you planning on thanking them?

We might have all felt a sense of solidarity over the last few months, but we haven’t all experienced the COVID pandemic in the same way. The nation has pulled together to get us through the storm, but we haven’t all had the same jobs on the boat. Some of us have been passengers; sitting safe and warm inside our houses listening to the waves crashing outside, whilst others were the crew, working on deck in tough conditions, to get us all safely through the storm.

Now a new campaign, The Rainbow Thank You Card Project has been launched, to give those of us have been the passengers on the boat, a way of showing our gratitude to everyone who was the crew.

The set of 10 postcards, have been designed by Gillian Jones, a military artist, with the support of fellow members of the Military Coworking Network for the nation to use to say thank you to the people who have helped us get through the pandemic.

They are cards which you can put through your neighbours’ door, give to the postman with a box of chocolates, or send to anybody you want to show appreciation for.

Show your gratitude for the small acts of kindness.

From the strangers who have checked on elderly neighbours to nurses and care home workers who have risked their lives to look after other people’s loved ones. We wouldn’t have got through it without the bus, train and taxi drivers who kept our transport system running; the teachers who did their best to get our children to sit down and learn (when we couldn’t); and the supermarket staff, haulage companies and distribution workers who have kept our shops full of food and our online shopping delivered.

Raise money for a charity which has been hard hit.

By buying a pack you will also be raising money for the Rowans Hospice in Portsmouth.

Like many charities around the UK, they have been hit hard by COVID and 100% of all the money raised from the sale of the cards will go to help them continue their important work helping support people with life-limiting illnesses.

Individual packs cost £6 for 10 cards and you can buy them by pledging via kickstarter here

Who will you send yours to?

Please help the nation showing its gratitude by buying some cards, sending them to the people who have most helped you, and telling your friends to do the same.



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