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Who are Marama Alliance UK?

Marama Alliance was founded 4 years ago by Fijian women to address issues affecting diverse Fijian women in the UK. Most of the Fijian women have links with the armed forces community – being spouses themselves, serving personnel or veterans.

Currently the Alliance is self-funded, and raise money to keep their projects and activities going. Very soon they will be a CIC which makes keeping the Marama Alliance UK going that little bit easier! They have also very recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

Who runs the Marama Alliance UK?

There are currently three committee members who drive the Alliance forward, run the events as well as all the fund raising to keep Marama Alliance UK going. These are Sereima Tawake, Suliana Tuiteci Lotawa and Luisa Matatolu. They are in the process of onboarding 3 additional committee members as the need for the Alliance has grown. There are also seven trustees to help across the UK.

Who does the Marama Alliance help?

The Alliance was set up originally to help all Fijian Women in the UK, however due to the huge growth over the past 4 years the Alliance is now expanded its remit and is more Community driven whilst at the same time keeping its core focus on Fijian Women.

What Can the Marama Alliance UK help with

We can help with a number of issues when relocating to the UK. See below for issues the can and do help with.

Information & Sign-posting on:

Language – an English test is needed when you first apply for a visa to come to the UK, and when you apply to settle. They can sign post you to the right people who can give advice and information on how to go about obtaining this requirement.

Immigration – they hold information Q&A sessions with organisations like AFF where you can ask the experts about specific visa-related issues

Other Foreign & Commonwealth specific Information

Health care access

Employment – CVs, personal statements, job applications

What Else do Marama Alliance UK do?

The Alliance also holds webinars with stakeholders like the various military communities, CFB, Fiji Mission London, and the Fiji Support network on various community events, and projects like Meke Uk which was part of the Bula Festival 2023. The Alliance also holds an annual Women Arise and Pray Conference in partnership with The Esthers’ of Now which takes place in December.

Get in touch with the Marama Alliance UK at the links below:

Email -



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