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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The sad fact is that businesses that have strong brands are likely have a much better chance of survival in the tough times that look likely to be ahead as they will have a better chance of staying top of mind and holding onto their loyal customers.

Military spouse Ailsa Stinson from B is for Brand is championing the fight for survival. She really wanted to find a way to help small business owners find the time to do things that will give their business a boost, so that they have the best chance to endure in times of economic downturn. So she’s recently launched a new Email Membership called ‘Do One Thing.’

Ailsa from B is for Brand said:

“Getting your business into the position where it IS top of mind and you DO have loyal customers is really what the membership is all about.
I want to do anything I can help small businesses survive and thrive and I really believe my new membership is a cost-effective way of doing that. ‘Do One Thing’ helps small biz owners WIN at getting their message clear and finding ways to grow their business without necessarily spending lots of money.”

When asked ‘Why would I want to spend all year working on my brand? Isn’t that just a three-month project?’ Ailsa responded that the answer is that branding is a marathon, not a sprint. She believes that developing your brand is a job that’s never really ‘finished.’ As your business grows and evolves, so does your brand.

She advises small business owners to look at any of the big companies for evidence. They pay out huge amounts of money every year working on growing and developing their brands in line with changing market perceptions, changing customer needs and changing trends and hot topics. Ailsa maintains that brand development involves looking at the business strategy, image and experience and believes that it’s one of the big missed opportunities for most small to medium sized businesses.

Motivational Speaker Captain Emma Henderson, MBE said:

“When I was working on developing my branding recently I met with Ailsa for coffee and got some good advice. We’d initially made the appointment to look at some graphic design options I was considering for my personal brand. On talking to Ailsa, I realised how much more there was to branding and that there were a lot of ways to use brand to support my growing business. I love Ailsa’s energy and have now decided to sign up to ‘Do One Thing’ and make a commitment to working on my business, not just in it.”

Ailsa is holding on online webinar for MCN members on 19th October at 1200

If you're not a member of the Military Coworking Network yet you can join our community here.

Head to the B is for Brand website to find out how an email membership works or to sign up.

For more information contact Ailsa Stinson:

07572 435156



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