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Case Study: Danielle Benson of Social with Danielle


Danielle is a military spouse, mother of one and a graphic designer turned social media manager. After taking a career break to spend time with her son, she faced the dilemma of returning to work. She knew that the traditional 9-5 schedule would not work for her and her family's needs, being a military spouse. Instead, she decided to qualify as a CPD certified social media manager and started her own business, Social with Danielle. She is passionate about supporting other military partners to create a career they love and which works around their unique lifestyle.


After starting her business, Danielle noticed that there was an overwhelming amount of information available online about social media, but much of it contradicted itself and did not take into account the needs of mothers in business and military partners. She also found that many of the live masterclasses and other resources were not accessible to her due to her family responsibilities as a mother and the unique lifestyle of a military spouse.


To address this problem, Danielle created the Mums in Business hub. This is a group for any mother who runs a business and is struggling with the social media side of things, it’s also for authors, illustrators, designers who need social media support and advice. The group aims to provide a safe space for mothers in business and military partners to ask for help with social media without fear of judgement. Danielle also wants to simplify the advice and take the overwhelm away. She wants to empower women to believe that they can grow their businesses online.


The Mums in Business hub provides several benefits for its members. These include:

· A safe space to ask for help with social media without fear of judgement

· Simple, easy-to-handle tips and advice

· Live masterclasses on simple steps to grow your business on social media, without having to do anything flashy or overly complex

· Access to everything Danielle has learned on her journey to becoming CPD certified, for free

· The ability to catch up on masterclasses at a convenient time


Danielle's Mums in Business hub is a valuable resource for mothers in business and military partners who are struggling with social media. It provides a safe space to ask for help, simplifies complex advice, and empowers mothers and military partners to believe that they can grow their businesses online. The group is accessible and tailored to the unique needs of mothers and military partners, making it a valuable resource for this community.

Join the Mums in Business group here:

Search ‘The Mums in Business Hub’ on FB.

Find Danielle on Insta @socialwithdanielle and access the link in her bio


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