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Bookkeeping 101 with Flourish Bookkeeping

Are you ready to increase your profit, smash your goals, finally pay yourself a decent wage and grow the business of your dreams? Then come and learn more about how to manage the financial side of your business with Rachel Minns of Flourish Bookkeeping.

Rachel is a Certified Bookkeeper, business owner, military wife and mother of 2. She is on a mission to empower Military Spouses and Mothers to take control of their finances and bookkeeping so that they can grow their business with confidence and clarity.

Rachel has always had a passion for numbers. During her maternity leave with her first child, she made the decision to pivot her career and retain to become a Certified Bookkeeper. Flourish Bookkeeping was born out of a desire to give Military Spouses and Mothers in business confidence and clarity with their business financials, without the use of over complicated jargon and terminology.

Rachel was kind enough to host an excellent webinar for the MCN, covering everything from what kind of bank account to set up for your business, to how much you should be putting aside for your tax and National Insurance. She also digs into the principle of having a variety of spending 'pots' and explains the profit first principle as outlined in Mike Michalowicz's book.

To watch the webinar and listen to all of Rachel's expert tips all you have to do is join the MCN as an Online Member. It's absolutely free and super simple, all you have to do is click here.



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