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Partner employment ideas


Working together to support partner employment, careers and businesses

In collaboration with the MOD, we are working to ensure that military partners' voices are heard when it comes to making decisions on how they can help us not to be disadvantaged by the military lifestyle.

Do you have an idea that you would love the MOD to hear?  

We are after practical suggestions - this is your chance to influence how the military could support you with your career and employment aspirations.

All ideas, big or small, are welcome, so get those thinking caps on and share your visions for the future.

Public, transparent and community led

Not only do we need your ideas, we need your opinion too.

Every idea that's submitted will be posted on our public Trello board so our whole community, across all three services, can see what ideas have been submitted and vote on what they want to see implemented.


We will regularly update this board, so check back to see the progress of your idea.

You have the power to fill this board up with your great ideas, just fill out the form below and start the change(s) you want to see.

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Submit your ideas

Thank you for your suggestion. If you have more, keep submitting!

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