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They come for the space but stay for the community.

In our 2023 Evaluation Report, 73% of our members told us they’ve met new people through our coworking hubs.

"It makes the world of difference, going somewhere where you're going to see someone you know."

This has meant new friendships, a better social life on base, as well as an opportunity to grow professional networks.

"I know more people and have a wider network since working at the coworking hub."

The coworking hubs offer a safe and trusted space, where members feel understood and know that they can rely on their peers for support, professional and personal, whenever they need it.

"It's a great opportunity for us to share contacts and ideas in a way we'd never be able to do virtually."

Many hub members have told us that the hubs have given them the chance to meet other business owners, and share experiences, expertise, and ideas. This has enabled them to grow their business and their business skills and confidence.

"I think it’s a great space to go to combat the loneliness and distractions working from home can sometimes bring. It’s nice to be able to talk to other people and bounce ideas off each other, even if their career path is completely different to yours. It's great because there’s not the extra added distractions of everyday life that you get at home so there’s a boost in productivity too."

Others have even felt inspired to set up their own business by listening to and learning from other members. There’s a natural willingness to share information, lessons learned, and best practices among the members with everyone genuinely wanting the other to succeed.

"It's inspired me to one day start my own business."

"It's inspired me to be passionate about having my own career, and not being defined by my other half."

And so many members have been able to meet new people through the hubs and develop lasting and meaningful relationships, which has transformed their social lives on base and improved their quality of life overall.

"I originally signed up to avoid being alone all the time. It’s been far more than that: I am more productive, I meet people and share ideas, and now with events organised around what the community needs, it’s even more valuable."

They came for the space, but it’s the community that keeps them coming back.

If you’re looking for a special community to belong to and are based at Akrotiri, Bovington, Blandford, Bulford, Clyde, Hereford, Leuchars, or Sandhurst, please reach out to us.

Membership of our coworking hub network is just £30 per year, but the benefits are priceless.


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