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The Power of PR - MCN Online Event

Picking up and moving your home and family every few years is hard but changing jobs or moving your business while managing all of this, is even harder. It can often feel like success is always just out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, PR could become your new superpower!

Consider instead the positives: each posting you get to replicate and build on the success of your last PR campaign, weaving in recent insights, meeting new journalists (perhaps even with personal introductions!)

Just like a military spouse can sometimes feel overlooked, local media is too and when you understand how to engage with them, you’ll have opportunities on tap, everywhere you move.

PR is not just for big brands. With context and coaching anyone can do their own PR successfully.

In this webinar, you will:

  1. Find out what PR really is and why earned media is valued so highly.

  2. Learn how to use PR to give their business a voice and access new audiences.

  3. Discover some great free PR tools.

If you want to know more about PR and how it can support your business and lifestyle, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

The event is for MCN Members only, so if you've not yet joined our Online Network, then now's your chance!

About Donna

Donna is HomeGrown PR’s founder and the creator of Hybrid PR - a new PR model that blends the best of agency and in-house PR. Using the Hybrid model, HomeGrown PR, provides PR training and consultancy for scaling businesses of all sizes. Making the most of modest budgets and tapping into existing talent, ambition and potential. HomeGrown nurtures individuals into skilled, Senior PR Managers that can access new audiences and get a business noticed. And, when you just want your PR ‘done for you’, HomeGrown can take care of that too. Donna has spent almost 15 years working in PR, both in-house and agency-side, for a broad range of b2b and consumer tech brands, most recently as Head of the Cyber Security practice at PAN UK. Over the years, she has guided domestic and international teams through the execution of data-led PR strategies and creative campaigns that have successfully grown visibility, cultivated positive brand awareness and developed market differentiation for global and emerging companies.


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