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MCN Launches Coworking Hub in Hereford

Updated: Jun 12

New coworking hub launches for the spouses and partners of Hereford Garrision.
MCN Coworking Hub at Hereford Garrison

A new coworking hub has been launched by the Military Coworking Network (MCN) in Hereford, the home of Stirling Lines.

The hub, which is located outside the wire, provides professional office spaces for the spouses and partners of Hereford Garrison to work or study, and build a community of like-minded people.

About the Hereford Hub Launch Event

The launch event was well attended by members of the Garrison’s spousal community, who welcomed the addition of the Hub to base, not just as a place to work but also to network.

Representatives from HQ Hereford Garrison, including OC HQ Sqn and the Unit Welfare Warrant Officer, were also present at the event.

OC HQ Sqn, who officiated at the launch event, commented:

"With the opening of the coworking hub in Hereford, we hope that from these small acorns of business ideas, large oak trees of businesses will grow, bringing together our community through a shared purpose and vision.” 

The Unit Welfare Officer added:

“We were first approached last summer by one of the wives asking about this capability.  A survey then followed to ascertain interest, the response was overwhelming, and the journey began. It’s amazing to see what can come of ‘just an idea’ from one person.”

About the Hereford Hub

The Hub, a former Service Family Accommodation (SFA) has been subject to a stylish makeover by the amazing team at AMEY Defence Services.

It offers members a contemporary shared office space with secure WI-FI.  There are 12 hot desks in total, spread across four separate areas, including a private meeting room.

Members also have access to a colour printer, scanner, and copier, as well as screens, keyboards, and mice. There are five height adjustable desks available to support improved health and wellbeing.

A breakout area with comfortable seating, provides a much-welcomed area where members can relax and chill with their fellow coworkers, as well as a garden space with table and chairs. A fully equipped kitchen with unlimited tea and coffee, as well as toilet and parking complete the available facilities.

Free hub trials are available from the website to anyone wishing to ‘try before they buy’ on a no-obligation basis.


Maria Lyle, Director, Royal Air Force Families Federation, concluded:

“We are delighted to add Hereford to our growing portfolio of coworking hubs. We have already received significant interest in this hub from the spouses and partners of Hereford Garrison and are confident of a strong membership and a thriving coworking community going forwards.

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to the Naval and Army Families Federations, who are helping us to raise awareness of this fantastic initiative and supporting our endeavours to make this the success it deserves to be.

“A special recognition goes to the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund and Ministry of Defence (M0D) who have supported and funded us, and the Royal Air Forces Association, who are working very hard with us to deliver this project.

“I would also like to say a big thank you to AMEY Defence Services who have supported us with the transformation of the space at Hereford. They have done an incredible job to a very high standard.

“And finally, a special thank you to the Unit Welfare Warrant Officer, who has provided exceptional support to the MCN Delivery Team and has played an instrumental role in making this hub possible.”


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