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An Essential Third Year for Career Pursuit Magazine

Career Pursuit has become a must-read resource for military spouses, partners, and veterans looking to build careers that work for them. Sponsorship, this year from RAF Astra, RJS Family Law, and St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy, will allow for 1,500 printed copies to be distributed for free to every military community information office across the the three services, UK-wide.

The military lifestyle of moving every few years can be very disruptive to families and limit military spouses and partners' potential for professional development. The UK Armed Forces Families Strategy 2022–32 highlights that, “Today, dual-earning couples are the norm rather than the exception. Coping with the upheaval of military life is far more difficult when balancing two careers; especially when the career of the service person’s partner or spouse may take precedence.” Career Pursuit is designed to help make that balance easier.

Since Career Pursuit launch in 2020, it has addressed the conflicting responsibilities and challenges of a military spouse or partner, which can often cause them to put career goals on the back burner. Projects like this ultimate career guide are vital in the future, with a recorded 51% of partners and spouses needing to feel more valued by the services. A fine-grained approach is required to find solutions that will benefit military families and the military itself.

This year, Career Pursuit is delighted to provide career support to those who have served in the military and their families as they seek new opportunities with meaning and autonomy. The magazine can be found in information offices at military bases across the UK or downloaded online. RJS Family Law is proud to be associated with Career Pursuit given the law firm's service to the military through their Bronze Defence Employer Recognition Scheme status.

Rachel McGrath, founder and Managing Director of RJS Family Law, said, "We feel Career Pursuit to be an engaging and well-produced publication, with each issue being carefully targeted and circulated to its relevant audience."

Helen Massy, founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine, said, "Over the last three years, the success of Career Pursuit has continuously grown. There is a wealth of employment and entrepreneur support available to military spouses, partners, and veterans, but it’s challenging to find. Career Pursuit directly answers that problem by putting resources into one central place.”

Career Pursuit can be accessed in print:

  • at every information office and(Army, Navy, RAF) UK wide

  • from the Army, Navy, and RAF Families Federations

  • at Military Coworking Hubs

  • directly from Helen Massy via post

There is also a free online flip-book version accessible at:


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