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22nd Jan:

What a week – anyone else feeling like they living in a never-ending groundhog day?  Even those people that have coped well with the various lockdowns seem to have struggled this week.  To end the week on a positive note we wanted to share with you all the amazing things that have happened in our community this week!

  • 2 members found jobs directly because of our amazing community – congratulations!!


  • 4 members of our community started the free places on the resilience course offered by GLC Coaching.  If you are struggling at the moment please check out their course specifically aimed at military partners, or learn more about the free programme offered to all military partners – The Warrior Programme


  • We had a brilliant Power Hour with Lee from The Forces Employment Charity covering interview tips, tricks, how to approach civil service job applications and how the RFEA can help with it all.  If you missed it, the recording will be uploaded to our website very soon (as soon as everyone gets off Netflix and we get some broadband back!).


  • The lovely Siobham Fairgreaves wrote her first blog for us explaining how she approached the subject of moving her role from office based to remote working for her first military move.


So it’s been a great week here - we hope you have made it through with little wins of your own.  Have a great weekend!

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