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Working at home with kids doesn’t have to be stressful

The pressure you might be feeling at the moment might seem overwhelming. When the news was announced yesterday that Schools would be closing at the end of the week, I think the most of us who are working parents would have experienced a momentary ‘mini break down’, I know I did and I’m a qualified primary school teacher!

Give me a classroom of 34 Year 4 children and I’m in my element, ask me to ‘home school’ my own and eek, panic sets in!!!!

My advice; do what you can! Don’t put added pressure on yourself, this will make the kids feel stressed because you will be stressed and this will cause a heightened level of anxiety within the house. Be kind to yourself and don’t compare what you can do, to what you see others doing! People will only be sharing what they want the world to see; not what the reality is.

Make a list, map out a simple daily plan! Kids love routine and knowing what is coming next. How many of our kids ask constantly ‘what we going to do now?’ whilst they are still busy already doing something?! Mapping out the day (roughly) will minimise the amount of times you will hear this question!

If you are trying to work from home with kids then having this in place will show the children times when you have to work and time you will spend completely focused on them. Activities you do with them don’t always have to be so structured; read, listen to audio stories, take it in turns to read, walk the dog, ride bikes, make a puzzle, create a treasure map (my kids favourite!), build forts, make slime, bake, the list is endless! But don’t forget to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie together and don’t feel bad about it! Mum guilt is a killer, we beat ourselves up far too much because we think kids should be doing something every minute of the day, when the reality is this is just not possible and remember…

'play is the highest form of research' - Albert Einstein

For older children encourage them to keep active, take part in online work out sessions which they do do from the living room or garden, make a list of chores that they could help with round the house, walk the dog, ask them to read to their younger siblings or help them with their school work? Introduce mindfulness activities, play board games, give them the responsibility of cooking the evening meal, could they help out with your work? Could they be your PA? Help type emails, letters, organise paperwork, help you with your social media, take and edit photos for your website or social platforms? Empower them and give them responsibilities!

It wont be easy, the juggling will be real and day to day will be challenging at times, however can support one another through this, never feel like you are alone and reach out if you are struggling.

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