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Why all military spouses should join our Network

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Let’s start at the very beginning and explain how we came about.

We love our partners dearly and our hearts are bursting with pride for what they do. We want them to succeed, and we are proud of their achievements – after all, they protect us from our enemies and keep our nations safe. What greater accolade than to serve Queen and Country? But what about their spouses and partners? Where do they fit into this ‘Land of Hope and Glory’?

When we enter the military life, we are expected to morph into this new kind of being – the military spouse, who knows their place, is always happy to come second, and is prepared to sacrifice everything they’ve ever valued for the benefit of the military. And the sacrifices we are expected to make are huge. Things like loss of our support network, having to deal with issues of loneliness and isolation, loss of our independence and our own identities, and more specifically, having to put our chosen careers on hold or perhaps even being forced to pursue careers that fit in with military life as opposed to our own goals. Did you know that according to research commissioned by the Army Families Federation and undertaken by the Institute of Employment Research at the University of Warwick in 2018, 63% of military spouses have had to change their career path but only 7% wanted to do this?

But do we really need to sacrifice everything?

Here at the MCN, we say “no”, because we believe everything is possible. That is why we set up the MCN. This is our response to the challenges of military life, this is our vehicle for change, and we, the military spouses, are in the driving seat! This is the place where you can realise your own dreams, desires, and ambitions. Here you get the same opportunities to thrive and grow as your partners. Here is where the term ‘military spouse’ takes on a whole new meaning. So, why not hop aboard and join us on this amazing journey?

What’s our mission?

Our mission is simple - to provide all military spouses and partners of serving personnel across any of the services, the means, the opportunity, and the support, to achieve their full career potential and maintain independent, professional lives alongside military life. Doesn’t that sound great?

How do we do this?

We achieve this via our Online Network and our Coworking Hubs. Our Network gives you access to the tools and inspiration to make some amazing changes to your lives; our hubs provide another place where you can realise your dreams.

What makes us unique?

The fact that this has been set up by the very people it’s aimed at. We know what it means to be a military spouse. We understand the challenges military spouses face and can relate to the problems they experience. We know what they need because it’s our story too.

So, what are the benefits of joining our Network?


When you join the MCN, you are joining a strong, supportive community – one that is built on mutual support, trust, and respect, a community that will carry you through your life in the military and be there for you at every step of your journey.

Meet New People

Through the many networking opportunities we offer, you can rebuild your support network and make meaningful friendships that can last a lifetime.

Advice & Support

Whatever path you choose to take, we can help you or point you in the right direction. We work with a range of organisations, who have the same goal as us – to help you. But there are so many, and we know how scary and intimidating that can feel. We can help you find the right ones for you and make it easier for you to navigate your way.

A Chance to be You

Here you are not your partner’s rank. This is a safe place away from the constraints and hierarchy of military life. When you are a part of the MCN, you are YOU, and only you matter! This is where you can regain your independence, grow your confidence and self-belief again, and take control of your own life again.

Be inspired and gain more knowledge!

The best way to learn is from each other, and here we really do ‘share the love’. We regularly welcome guest speakers and guest bloggers to talk about their experiences, give hints and tips on a range of topics that are pertinent to military life. We also actively encourage our members to share their skills and help others to grow and flourish.

Grow your Business

Being part of our Network, gives you a unique opportunity to promote your business to all our members. You get the chance to add your business to our online Business Directory and to advertise it directly in your local hub. Here at the MCN we encourage giving and taking. So, when it’s time to move on, we’ll help put you in touch with a fellow military spouse who can take over your business contacts if you can’t take them with you. That way, you help bring continuity to the community and you are helping someone else to hit the ground running. And who knows, you might get the same opportunity at your new posting?

Get an answer to every question and see how a problem shared, is a problem halved!

When you join our Network, you get the chance to also belong to our Facebook Community Group. This is a private group where you can ask questions, share advice and experiences, request support, give and receive advice in a safe and trusted environment.

Stay in the Picture

Our exclusive Member Newsletter and regular updates either via email or our social media channels provide a great way to keep you up to speed with things happening in the Network and in your local community. We do our best to make sure you miss NOTHING.

Our Final Message to You

So, when you are thinking about which networks you should join, the MCN should be top of your list, not just because it’s FREE, but because it has been designed with you in mind. It’s been built by you, for you! Together we can re-write the story of military spouses! Are you ready?



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