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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

MCN coworking hubs are not your typical coworking space where anyone who is looking for an alternative solution to homeworking can rent a desk. In fact, they are pretty exclusive.

Our hubs have been set up solely for use by military spouses or partners, so completely off limits to anyone residing on Civvy Street as well as all serving military personnel – after all, they are already well provided for.

Our coworking hubs are just one of our many responses to the challenges you face as military spouses. They offer you a place where you can work together, independently; a place where you can realise your career ambitions and dreams; somewhere to meet like-minded people; and a chance to belong to a very special community that looks out for each other. Oh, and by the way, if you do have any adult children who need a place to study, as long as they are over 18, we are happy to accommodate them too.

What else makes them great places to be?

Excellent value for money

Did you know that the average cost of using a coworking space is around £200 / month? Okay, you might be able to get it a bit cheaper, but nowhere on this planet will you find a coworking space that costs about the same as a cappuccino or café latte. Yes, that is all it costs you to use one of our coworking hubs – just £2.50 / week. Amazing value for money! And not only do you get to sit at a proper desk in a contemporary office space, but you can drink as much tea & coffee as you like!

You can pick from three hub membership levels to suit your pocket and your hotdesking needs – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Full details can be found here

All traces of military life have been erased

We’ve done our best to remove all traces of military life from our hubs because we want you to feel at ease, calm, and comfortable. This is after all a military-free zone!

Magnolia walls are a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll find vibrant colours like orange, teal and red in their place – colours that inspire different emotions such as confidence, success, excitement and energy, warmth and sincerity, strength, trust, and loyalty. Bright, colourful posters adorn the walls to inspire and motivate you. And there is always a hot cuppa available to ensure you get a chance to refuel and relax.

Our desks are not lined up like soldiers on parade. Instead, we’ve tried to create spaces to work to suit every need, from a more collaborative set-up to one that supports a more confidential or head-down approach because we recognise that we all work differently.

And there is also no ‘officers to the left; non-commissioned to the right’ policy here either – all ranks to be left at the door. This is a place where we are all equal, irrespective of our partner’s rank. Whether you are the spouse of a new soldier, sailor, or aviator - or the Head of the Service – your status is the same in our world.

Not just for people with a job

Clearly, our coworking hubs are a great space for you to work in. But you don’t need to have a job or run a business to use one of our hubs:

  • They are the perfect place to go if you just want a quiet place to focus – somewhere to do your personal emails or get on top of all those home admin tasks, and there are plenty of them.

  • Perhaps you are studying for a degree or a vocational qualification and need somewhere for quiet, focussed study.

  • Maybe you are looking for a job and just need somewhere to be able to focus on that away from the distractions of home, get that CV updated or compose that cover letter.

  • Perhaps you are one step further and need to prep for an interview.

  • You could be a teacher looking for that quiet space to mark all that homework, or to do your lesson planning.