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We’re celebrating 100 Members of our coworking hubs!

We’re celebrating 100 Members of our coworking hubs!

We've gone from zero to 100 in just 8 months, and we’re mightily proud of what we’ve achieved in such a short space of time, despite Covid19, and despite being such a small team juggling millions of plates.

Reaching the magic number of 100 marks an important milestone in the history of the MCN, and is proof that our coworking hubs are making a difference to the lives of military spouses & partners.

About our Coworking Hubs

We opened our first coworking hub at RAF Akrotiri in July 2021, and now have 8 coworking hubs up and running with one more due to open in Bovington very soon.

To find out where our hubs are located, go to our main Hub Page.

Coworking hubs offer military spouses & partners a place to work, study and connect.

Our members love them – they’ve made such a difference to their lives, providing a much-needed escape from their military accommodation; giving them a place where they can be productive, creative, and effective; where they can meet and connect with new people and build their professional and social networks; feel like the professional people they are; and regain their independence.

Why not take a read of all our testimonials and see for yourself, the impact our coworking hubs are having. - you'll find them on the Home Page!

Show your support!

Help us to make sure that these coworking spaces are here to stay and to support us with our vision of seeing a military coworking hub on every military base at home and abroad, and sign our Hub Register



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