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Nominations now open for brand new Celebrating Forces Families Awards

Do you know of a UK military family member who has done something extraordinary to support the Armed Forces Community?

If you do, you can now nominate them for an award at the first Celebrating Forces Families (CFF) awards!

The evening will be held on Friday 29th April 2022 at the Victory Services Club, London.

Read on to find out the categories are and how you can nominate. Applications close on Friday 4th March.

This black tie awards evening is being organised to give thanks for, and focus on, the huge contribution that UK military families provide to the whole Armed Forces community, and the MOD is supporting the event through its Partner Employment Steering Group. It will take place in London at the Victory Services Club on Friday 29th April 2022, where shortlisted nominees will be invited to be part of an Awards Evening to remember! Tickets will be on sale to attend per person or for tables of 10.

How to nominate

Simply go to the CFF Awards page online to choose your category and then hit the ‘Nominate’ button on the top right corner of that page to access the form.

Nominations can acknowledge simple acts of kindness or recognise someone who has overcome adversity through a key life experience. You could also nominate a business that’s run by a military family member whilst living a mobile lifestyle. Or perhaps celebrate a forces friendly employer who actively seeks to employ family members of those who serve.

Let us hear those amazing stories of contribution that we know are out there!

The awards

Inspirational family member of the year – our headline award

This is for someone who has gone the extra mile as a family member of the Armed Forces community. And, as a result of their efforts, they have also helped inspire others.

Young people’s award: Giving back to the Armed Forces community

For a child of someone who serves who has given their time and energy to the betterment of the Armed Forces community.