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Do you posses an entrepreneurial mindset?

By Emily Thompson

On 20th March, I said goodbye to my work colleagues for the Easter Holidays — working in admin at a boarding school was great, I had all the holidays off with my children but still got to be ‘me’, go to work, have some adult conversation and use my brain cells!

Then COVID-19 hit, by 30th March, my contract of employment had been terminated as the school had no idea when they would reopen and needed to reign in their finances. I found myself lost in the Coronavirus chaos, home-schooling a 3 and 5-year-old and now not bringing in any money.

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, work towards my dream and have financial independence — something I have struggled to have with moving four times in four years and trying to find employment. That was when my Virtual Assistant business idea came in to play, was it a great time to start a ‘virtual’ business when the whole country had started remote working — absolutely!

I sorted my branding, built my website and started to slowly grow a following on social media. Lots of lovely ladies from Military Mums in Business helped with my market research and then I sought the help of a fellow military spouse for Business Coaching — Suzy from Mothers of Enterprise.

Just over two months from losing my job, I am now my own boss with a number of amazing, supportive clients!

If you would like to join Emily in helping to set up a coworking hub at RNAS Yeovilton get in touch.


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