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5 ways to spend your lunchtime whilst working from home.

"You can’t form a habit if it doesn’t have a routine to stick to". Robyn Conely Downs

How much time do you spend away from your computer during your lunchbreak? Come to think of it do you even schedule a lunchbreak? If not, why not? The answer might well be because you are too busy and you don't have time for a 'proper' lunch. Maybe you grab a quick bite, and have five minutes away from your desk.

Here are our top five ways to spend your lunchtime whilst WFH:

1. Eat away from your desk!

According to research carried out by BUPA, almost a third of UK workers usually eat lunch at their desk, with 43 per cent saying that they were too busy to pause and take a break away from their computers for even a few minutes. Eating at your desk also has huge hygiene implications. Did you know that the average desk harbours more than 10 million bacteria? If you eat at your desk, crumbs, and splashes – even microscopic ones – attract even more bacteria. That’s enough to put anyone off their lunch!

2. Go Outside.

Take yourself outside to stretch your legs and get your blood pumping. Clear your head, get fresh air, release muscle tension, and avoid eye strain. Working from home, especially spending many hours in front of a computer screen, can lead to both physical and mental fatigue.

3. Enjoy a healthy and nutritious lunch.

Plan your lunches for the week ahead as if you were packing a lunch to go into the office. That way you will avoid grabbing something, anything, from the fridge or snacking throughout the day.

4. Make yourself unavailable.

Change your work status to offline and turn off or silence your phone.

5. Do something that makes you feel good.

Whether it is catching up on a TV programme, reading a few chapters of a book, listening to a podcast or just sitting on the sofa with a hot coffee, whatever you do make sure a part of your lunch break is spent doing something you enjoy doing.

We hope this gives you a little nudge to go and enjoy a ‘proper’ lunch break - enjoy!